Health and Wellness

The Black Professional Men (BPM), Inc. Health and Family Matters Committee has a purpose to promote health education from a holistic approach which includes physical fitness, wellness, mental, nutritional, and healing.
We strive to create programs and partnerships that build and promote the wellness for our communities that we serve. In 2020, the Wellness Committee has stepped up our support to assist BPM members with special needs due to mental, emotional, physical disabilities and the support of their families.
BPM’s Health and Wellness committee is motivated to encourage the presence, engagement, and voice of every person and celebrate our unity.

Community Programs

Community Festivals

BPM has decided to bring health to Baltimore communities in a partnership that creates resources, advocacy, and support to communities who rarely receive medical attention or information.

5k Walks/Runs

These activities are designed to bring awareness to various medical diseases that plague our environment.

Pink/Blue Activities

Fundraising activities will bring monetary support to our wellness causes and allow us to bring support and resources to neighborhoods.

Wellness Workshops

BPM will showcase and demonstrate information that effectively can make healthy changes in many lives.

Cooking Demonstrations

Teach how to prepare, shop, and meal prep daily dishes.

We are dedicated to increasing our service to our community.

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