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Youth Development Committee (YDC)

This committee is focused on implementing youth based programs and partnerships in support of the mission of BPM. We strive to create programs and partnerships (i.e., with Schools, Business, Professional / Civic Organizations, Fraternities, and the General Public) that target, build, and promote the youth in our community. The YDC has several initiatives and we want you and your organization to be an integral part of the future success stories that are written at BPM. Together, we will made a mark on the lives of the youth in our community. We hope you will join us as we continue to “light the torch” and inspire our youth to greatness throughout this exciting year.

Community Relations Committee (CRC)

This committee has one sole purpose and that is “to ensure the future of the African-American Male.” We do this by intentionally engaging the community and identifying ways that we can impact this vital entity through our service, initiatives, and programs. The Community Relations Committee is focused on three main vertical areas in the Greater Baltimore area and they are homeless, domestic violence survivors, and our seniors. Utilizing the NASCAR “plug and play” concept our goal is to also partner with like-minded organizations that are already doing a great work in the community with the central focus of making an immediate impact. In addition, the CRC will create solution-based community programs to augment the mission of BPM. Moreover, we utilize the SMART tools and efficient processes that target, build, and promote relationship within our community that make a mark that cannot be erased.

Economic Development Committee

This committee has a mission to expose our community to opportunities, techniques, and tools to enhance their economic resources. The understanding of economic resources is the difference in controlling the unlimited opportunities that impact the future to being limited to opportunities that provide little options for financial freedom.

Health & Family Matters Committee

This committee is committed to increasing the awareness of health and wellness among the families within our community through partnerships with organizations within the health industry. We invite you to contact our committee to get more information about how you can get more involved in our health initiatives.

College Development Committee

This committee provides financial assistance and direction to African-American male students that have consistently demonstrated exceptional character and academic performance. In addition, our programs seek students who participate in school or community activities and exhibit strong leadership and communication skills. Each year, during the Rays of Hope Scholarship Breakfast the Saturday before Father’s Day, BPM awards a group of deserving young men scholarships for college. BPM has awarded nearly $200,000 to these Scholars. The amount of $1,000 shall be awarded to each selected scholar.

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